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Star of David & Ahmad al-Hassan - [Charlatan from Basrah]

Author: Rasul on 6-07-2014, 13:33, Views: 794


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


السلام عليكم


Star of David & Ahmad al-Hassan.

[al-Arabiyah reports]: To the surprise of everyone, the group made the Star of David their logo and claimed it will be on the banner of al-Mahdi al-Montazar, called the "Victorious Banner" - according to Khalaf, Yamani says that David is one of God's prophets and that since al-Mahdi is supposed to be the heir of prophets then he should inherit the Star of David as well.


Khalaf added that they are currently hunting Yamani down and stressed that the Iraqi constitution grants all citizens the right to freedom of religion: "If he hadn't taken up arms against the government, we wouldn't have chased him or his followers." Bloody clashes that claimed the lives of hundreds took place between militiamen from Ansar al-Mahdi and Iraqi security forces on the day of Ashura, which commemorates the martyrdom of al-Hussein ibn Ali, the prophet's grandson and one of the most revered Shiite Imams. Security forces overran a mosque in Basra January 19, where Yamani followers were holed up, ending two days of clashes in Basra and Nasiriyah that killed at least 70 people. nvestigations conducted by Basra police revealed that Yamani's ancestry doesn't go back to the prophet.

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