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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


السلام عليكم


In the 'Asl'(1) of Abi Sa`eed `Ibad al-`Usfuri ibn Ya`qoob ar-Rawaajani(2) we can read some hadith, that clearly refutes the claims made by Ahmad al-Hassan.(3)


عباد عن عمرو عن ابى حمزه قال سمعت على بن الحسين (ع) يقول ان الله خلق محمدا وعليا واحد عشر من ولده من نور عظمته فاقامهم اشباحا في ضياء نوره يعبدونه قبل خلق الخلق يسبحون الله ويقدسونه وهم الائمة من ولد رسول الله


عباد رفعه إلى ابى جعفر (ع) قال قال رسول الله (ص) من ولدي احد عشر نقيبا نجيبا ( نقباء نجباء خ د ) محدثون مفهمون اخرهم القائم بالحق يملاءها ( الارض خ د ) عدلا كما ملئت جورا


عباد عن عمرو بن ثابت عن ابي جعفر عن ابيه عن ابائه قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وعليهم نجوم في السماء امان لاهل السماء فإذا ذهب نجوم السماء اتى اهل السماء ما يكرهون ونجوم من اهل بيتي من ولدي احد عشر نجما امان في الارض لاهل الارض ان تميد باهلها فإذا ذهبت نجوم اهل بيتي من الارض اتى اهل الارض ما يكرهون


`Ibad from `Umar from Abi Hamza who said: I heard `Ali ibn al-Husayn (as) saying:


"Indeed, Allah created Muhammad, ‘Ali, and eleven from his sons from the Light of His Glory. He made them shadows in the radiance of His Light, worshiping Him and Glorifying Him and Sanctifying Him before the Creation of Creation. And these were the Imams from the progeny of the Messenger of Allah."


`Ibad he raised up to Abi Ja`far (as) who said:


The Messenger of Allah (saww) said: From my sons eleven naqeebs, najeebs, muhadaths, mufahhams, the last of them is the Qa'im b'il-Haqq, he will fill the earth with justice as it had been filled with oppression.


`Ibad from `Umar ibn Thaabit from Abi Ja`far (as) from his father from his fathers, he said:


The Messenger of Allah (saww) said: "The stars in the heavens are what secure the people of the heavens; if the stars were destroyed, the people of the heavens would have to face that which they hate [i.e. apparently destruction]. And the stars from the people of my house, those Noble ones from my eleven children, they are what secure the people of the Earth, and keep it from shaking with its inhabitants. If the stars from the people of my family were destroyed, the people of the earth would have to face that which they hate."





(1) 'Asl' is early hadith work - [pl. 'Usool'].

(2) Died in the year 250 A.H.

(3) Ahmad al-Hassan claims, that there will be more than 12 Imams (as) from Ahl al-Bayt (as).




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