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The Inheritors & Ahmad al-Hassan

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


السلام عليكم


Imams from Ahl al-Bayt (as) has made it clear to their followers, that there will be only 12 Imams (as) from Ahl al-Bayt (as) and they are the only inheritors after the Messenger of Allah (saww) but Ahmad al-Hassan and his Anṣār [helpers] ignore this.


ثم قال: يا يونس إذا أردت العلم الصحيح فعندنا أهل البيت، فإنا ورثناه و أوتينا شرع الحكمة وفصل الخطاب، فقلت: يا ابن رسول الله وكل من كان من أهل البيت ورث كما ورثتم من كان من ولد علي وفاطمة عليهما السلام؟ فقال: ما ورثه إلا الأئمة الاثنا عشر، قلت: سمهم لي يا ابن رسول الله قال: أولهم علي بن أبي طالب وبعده الحسن والحسين وبعده علي بن الحسين، وبعده محمد بن علي الباقر، ثم أنا، وبعدي موسى ولدي، وبعد موسى علي ابنه، وبعد علي محمد ابنه وبعد محمد علي ابنه، وبعد علي الحسن ابنه، وبعد الحسن الحجة صلوات الله عليهم، اصطفانا الله وطهرنا وآتانا ما لم يؤت أحدا من العالمين


[...] then he [Imam Jafar] (as) said: ‘O Yunus! If you want the correct knowledge, so it is with us the Ahl al-Bayt (as), for we are its inheritors, and we have been given the explanation of the wisdom, and the decisive speech’. So I said, ‘O son of the Rasul-Allah! And does everyone from the Ahl al-Bayt (as) inherit like you have inherited from Ali (as) and Fatima (sa)?’ So he (as) said: ‘It does not get inherited except by the Twelve Imams. So I said, ‘Name them, O Son of the Rasul-Allah. So he (as) said: ‘The first of them is Ali ibn Abu Talib (as), and after him is al-Hassan (as), and after him is al-Hussain (as), and after him is Ali ibn al-Hussain (as), and after him is Muhammad ibn Ali (as), then myself, and after me is Musa - my son, and after Musa is Ali - his son, and after Ali is Muhammad, and after Muhammad is Ali, and after Ali is al-Hassan, and after al-Hassan is the proof [of Allah - 12th Imam (as)]. Allah (azwj) has chosen us, and purified us, and gave us what no one from the worlds has been given’.





Shia References.

Source: Bihār al-Anwār by Allamah al-Majlisī, Volume 36, page 404-405, Hadith Number # 15



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The Inheritors & Ahmad al-Hassan

The Inheritors & Ahmad al-Hassan

The Inheritors & Ahmad al-Hassan

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