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Ahmad al-Hassan vs al-Yamani in Shia Hadith

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


السلام عليكم


Ahl al-Bayt (as) has made it clear to their followers, that al-Yamani, who will rise before the rise of 12th Imam (as) will be a true believer [Twelver Shia] and he will emerge from Yemen. No, he will not be a Messenger sent by Imam Mahdi (as), Isa (as) and Elijah (as), nor will he be the son of 12th Imam like Ahmad al-Hassan claims. So don't be fooled by Ahmad al-Hassan. Let's see what has been mentioned by Abu Abdullah (as).


حدثنا محمد بن أبي عمير ـ رضي الله عنه ـ، قال: حدثنا جميل بن دراج، قال: حدثنا زرارة بن أعين، عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام، قال: قال: استعيذوا بالله من شر السفياني والدجال وغيرهما من أصحاب الفتن


قيل له: يا ابن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم، أما الدجال فعرفناه وقد تبين من مضامين أحاديثكم شأنه، فمن السفياني وغيره من أصحاب الفتن، وما يصنعون؟


قال عليه السلام: أول من يخرج منهم رجل يقال له: أصهب بن قيس، يخرج من بلاد الجزيرة له نكاية شديدة في الناس وجور عظيم


ثم يخرج الجرهمي من بلاد الشام، ويخرج القحطاني من بلاد اليمن، ولكل واحد من هؤلاء شوكة عظيمة في ولايتهم، ويغلب على أهلها الظلم والفتنة منهم، فبينا هم كذلك يخرج عليهم السمرقندي من خراسان مع الرايات السود، والسفياني من الوادي اليابس من أودية الشام، وهو من ولد عتبة بن أبي سفيان، وهذا الملعون يظهر الزهد قبل خروجه ويتقشف، ويتقنع بخبز الشعير والملح الجريش، ويبذل الاموال فيجلب بذلك قلوب الجهال والرذال، ثم يدعي الخلافة فيبايعونه، ويتبعهم العلماء الذين يكتمون الحق ويظهرون الباطل فيقولون: إنه خير أهل الارض، وقد يكون خروجه وخروج اليماني من اليمن مع الرايات البيض في يوم واحد وشهر واحد وسنة واحدة، فأول من يقاتل السفياني القحطاني فينهزم ويرجع إلى اليمن ويقتله اليماني، ثم يفر الاصهب والجرهمي بعد محاربات كثيرة من السفياني فيتبعهما ويقهرهما، ويقهر كل من ينازعه ويحاربه إلا اليماني


ثم يبعث السفياني جيوشا إلى الاطراف ويسخر كثيرا من البلاد، ويبالغ في القتل والفساد، ويذهب إلى الروم لدفع الملك الخراساني ويرجع منها منتصرا في عنقه صليب، ثم يقصد اليماني، فينهض اليماني لدفع شره، فينهزم السفياني بعد محاربات عديدة ومقاتلات شديدة، فيتبع اليماني فتكثر الحروب وهزيمة السفياني، فيجده اليماني في نهر اللومع ابنه في الاسارى فيقطعهما إربا إربا، ثم يعيش في سلطنته فارغا من الاعداء ثلاثين سنة، ثم يفوض الملك بابنه السعيد ويأوي مكة وينتظر ظهور قائمنا عليه السلام حتى يتوفى فيبقى ابنه بعد وفاة أبيه في ملكه وسلطانه قريبا من أربعين سنة، وهما يرجعان إلى الدنيا بدعاء قائمنا عليه السلام

قال زرارة: فسألته عن مدة ملك السفياني، قال عليه السلام: تمد إلى عشرين سنة


Narrated to us Muhammad ibn Abi 'Umayr (ra) from Jamil ibn Darraj from Zurarah ibn A'yan from Abu Abdullah (as) who has said:


"Seek refuge with Allah from the evil of the Sufyani and Dajjāl and other people of fitnahs [mischiefs]." He (as) was asked: "O son of the Messenger of Allah (saww): As for the Dajjāl, we know him, and his state of affairs has become clear from your traditions. But who are the Sufyani and the other people of fitnahs? And what will they do?"


He (as) said: "The first to appear from this group will be a man, called Ashab ibn Qays; he will rise from the Arabian Peninsula; he will commit much outrage and great tyranny among the people. "Then will appear the Jurhumi from Syria, and the Qahtani from Yemen. Each of them will gain great power in his domain, and the people will be overwhelmed with oppression and fitnah. While they will be in this state, as-Samarqandi will rise against them from Khurasan with black flags - and the Sufyani (will rise) from a dry valley of Syria; he will be from the descendant of 'Utbah ibn Abi Sufyan. This cursed one, before his rising, would be showing asceticism and abstemiousness, and will be content with barley-bread and coarsely-ground salt; by distributing wealth among the people, he will attract the hearts of the ignorant and vile people. Then he will claim the caliphate, and people will do his bay'ah [i.e. pledge their allegiance to him], they will be followed by those scholars who hide the truth and propagate the falsehood, and they will say, he certainly is the best of the people of the earth. His rising and that of al-Yamani from Yemen with white flags will coincide on the same day, same month and same year.''


"The first to fight against the Sufyani will be the Qahtani who will be defeated and will run away to Yemen where al-Yamani will kill him. Then Ashab and the Jurhumi, after many battles with the Sufyani, will take to their heels; he will chase and over-power them. And [in the same way] he will defeat all those who will oppose and fight against him—except al-Yamani. "Then the Sufyani will send his armies all around and conquer a lot of towns. He will exceed all limits in murder and wickedness. He will go to Rome to repulse the Khurasani ruler, and will come back as a Christian, wearing a cross in his neck. "Then he will proceed to al-Yamani; and al-Yamani will stand up to repulse his danger. The Sufyani will be defeated after many battles and fierce fightings; al-Yamani will pursue him, and after many encounters [the Sufyani] will be [completely] routed. al-Yamani will find him with his son among the prisoners at the river al-Law, and he will cut them to pieces. After that, al-Yamani will live in his kingdom, unhampered by enemies, for thirty years. Then he will hand over the kingdom to his son, as-Sa'id, and himself repair to Mecca, awaiting the appearance of our Qa'im (as) till his death. His son will continue, after his father's death in his kingdom and government for about forty years. Both of them will return to (this) world by prayer of our Qa'im (as)." - Zurarah said: "I asked him about the duration of the Sufyani's rule." He (as) said: "It will extend to twenty years."





Shia References.

Source: Mukhtaṣar ithbāt al-rajʻah by Sheikh al-Faḍl Ibn Shādhān, page 25, Hadith Number # 17

[Note by Sheikh al-Ḥurr al-‘Āmilī]: ''This is what we found copied from the book Ithbāt al-Rajʻah of Sheikh al-Faḍl Ibn Shādhān in the handwriting of some learned traditionists; and it was checked with its orignal.''



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Ahmad al-Hassan vs al-Yamani in Shia Hadith

Ahmad al-Hassan vs al-Yamani in Shia Hadith

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The sufyani will rule for 20 years ? There's a Hadith which contradicts this 

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