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Basrah & Ahmad al-Hassan

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


السلام عليكم


Since Ahmad al-Hassan is from the Basrah - he claims, that the first supporter from the ‘313’ supporters of the 12th Imam (as) will be from the Basrah, but let's see what has been mentioned by the Ahl al-Bayt (as).


عن جعفر بن محمد عليه السلام، أنه قال لقوم من أهل الكوفة: أنصارنا غيركم ما يقوم مع قائمنا من أهل الكوفة إلا خمسون رجلا، وما من بلدة إلا ومعه منهم طائفة إلا أهل البصرة فإنه لا يخرج معه منهم إنسان


From Jaʿfar ibn Muhammad (as), that he said to some of the people from Ahl al-Kūfah, our Anṣār [supporters] except you [people] there will not stand with our Qāʾim (as) from Ahl al-Kūfah except fifteen men, and there is no country where he does not take except a little from them - except from Ahl al-Baṣrah [the people of Baṣrah] because there will be no men, that will go out with him [i.e. al-Qāʾim].





Shia References.

Source: Sharḥ al-Akhbar by al-Qadhi al-Numani, Volume 3, page 366, Hadith Number # 1238



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Basrah & Ahmad al-Hassan

Basrah & Ahmad al-Hassan

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